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Updated: 17 Nov 2018
Complete and return the Subject Access Request Form
Posting complaint

If you want to request access to information you think we may hold about you, complete the Subject Access Request Form and return it to your local Housing Executive Office with evidence of identification such as usual signature (if posting form), driving licence/medical card/benefit form (if hand delivered).

Will I be able to access all information held about me?

Yes, The Data Protection Act 1998 gives all individuals who are the subject of personal data ('Data Subjects') a general right to access personal information which relates to them. Personal information can be contained on manual file or on computer. You are not entitled to a copy of the information held if the supply of such a copy is not possible or would involve "disproportionate effort".

What if the information requested mentions other people?

If the information requested contains reference to a third party, we will decide if it is reasonable to release the information. Certain categories of information are also exempt from the Subject Access provisions of the Data Protection Act and cannot be disclosed.

Can I have the decision reviewed?

Yes, we hove an internal review procedure, and if you are dissatisfied with our decision, you can ask to have the decision reviewed. A senior officer will carry out the review by considering all of the information requested. If you are dissatisfied with the outcome of the internal review procedure you may raise your complaint with the Information Commissioner

How long should it take to obtain the information?

We must respond to your written request within 40 days. You should give us sufficient information to allow us to answer your request.

Are there any costs involved?

The Act allows us to charge up to £10 for responding to a Subject Access Request. When we receive your request we will let you know if there will be any costs.


This is basic guidance on your rights under the Act and is not intended to provide an authoritative interpretation of the law relating to Data Protection; only the Courts can do that. If you need advice or guidance on this complex issue you should contact the Citizens Advice Bureau or the Office of the Information Commissioner (address and telephone below).

Please forward your request to: The Access to Information Manager

The Housing Centre,
NIHE, 2 Adelaide Street
Belfast BT2 8PB

Telephone 02890240588
e-mail: records@nihe.gov.uk

Useful contacts Office of the Information Commissioner

Wycliffe House,
Water Lane,

Information Commissioners Information Line 01625 545745