Standing Orders & Board Scheme of Delegations

Updated: 16 Nov 2018
Standing Orders regulate proceedings, meetings and business
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Standing Orders are a key governance document for any Board and help ensure transparent and effective decision making. Standing Orders regulate the proceedings, meetings and business of the Authority and its Committees.
Part A of the Housing Executive’s Standing Orders sets out a range of matters including procedural requirements in terms of meetings, papers submitted to the Board, disclosure of interests, Committees of the Board, Delegation by the Board and Emergency Action.
Part B sets out the necessary procedures to be followed in relation to issues such as approvals for expenditure, disposal of assets, procurement, budgets and annual accounts, internal audit, salaries and wages and the administration of the Housing Executive.
Included in this document is the Board Scheme of Delegations which sets out the powers reserved to the Board and those delegated to the Chief Executive at the Chief Executive’s Business Committee and those delegated to specific posts within the organisation.  This section also provides information on residual matters to be decided at the Chief Executive’s Business Committee together with the action to be taken in relation to claims against the organisation.
Appended to this document are the relevant Financial Regulations 1-5.