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Updated: 18 Nov 2018
The private rented market is the focus of several reports
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Research on the Private Rented Sector

Private Tenants Survey 2016

This Survey was carried out by the Housing Executive’s Research Unit, as a follow up to the 2016 House Condition Survey.  It provides a valuable insight into the views and experiences of private tenants, covering areas including affordability, the landlord-tenant relationship, security of tenure and regulation within the sector.  These findings enable further understanding of this important sector of the housing market.
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Performance of the Private Rental Market in Northern Ireland

The Housing Executive’s 2006 House Condition Survey showed that the private rented sector had grown by two-thirds over the previous five-year period.  In light of the increasing importance of private renting as a housing tenure in Northern Ireland and the lack of information available at the time on rental levels and lettings, the Housing Executive formed a partnership with and Ulster University to provide Northern Ireland’s first detailed insight into the dynamics of the private rental market.  
Due to data limitations at the time, the first eight rental index reports were based on analysis solely of the Belfast Metropolitan Area (BMA). Since 2013, the availability of additional data has enabled analysis of the Northern Ireland rental market as a whole. The result of this analysis is a bi-annual rental index report: Performance of the Private Rental Market in Northern Ireland.
Rental Affordability report
In addition to the two rental index reports for 2017, Ulster University has produced a short overview of rental affordability in 2017.
Performance of the Private Rental Market in Northern Ireland
All the published reports can be downloaded below.

Performance of the Private Rental Market: Belfast Metropolitan Area

Private Rented Sector Stock Profile, Physical Condition & Key Government Indicators Report (Published October 2014)

This report provides an analysis of the private rented sector in Northern Ireland using data from the 2006 and 2011 House Condition Surveys. Information from the House Condition Survey was analysed to provide a comprehensive analysis of the characteristics and condition of the private rented stock.

Living in the Private Rented Sector: The experiences of tenants (published June 2014)

This survey, which was commissioned by the Housing Executive's Research Unit and undertaken by the University of Ulster, forms part of a wider piece of research on the private rented sector.

Private Rented Sector Thematic Reports

This suite of research dealing with aspects of privately rented accommodation and the experiences of tenants was published in 2009/10.