How we measure performance

Updated: 18 Nov 2018
Performance is assessed and monitored through quarterly returns
Project planning
The performance of services funded by Supporting People against key performance indicators (KPIs) and service performance indicators (SPIs) is assessed and monitored through quarterly returns.
Providers are contractually required to complete quarterly performance returns using a performance workbook.
We collect quarterly data for the following performance indicators:
  • KPI 1 – service users who are supported to establish and maintain independent living
  • KPI 2 – service users who have moved on in a planned way from temporary living arrangements
  • SPI 1 – service availability
  • SPI 2 – service utilisation
  • SPI 4 – throughput
The pre-populated performance workbook template is available to download through
The briefing paper on the arrangements for the collection and review of performance information can be downloaded by following the link below.
We have also developed guidance notes to help providers complete and submit their workbooks.
Providers must complete their quarterly returns within 15 working days after the last reporting day of each quarter.  We will issue reminders by email to providers 2 weeks before the end of each reporting period.  The performance timetable can be accessed by following the link below.
The performance information will be used by Supporting People to inform the contract management process and for strategic planning.  Providers can also use their data for their own management purposes.