Payment methods for Local Housing Allowance

Updated: 22 Feb 2019
We can arrange to pay the LHA directly to your landlord

Who will receive the payment?

The claimant has the right to choose to whom the LHA amount is paid.  
It is either:
  • directly to them; or
  • to their landlord (this is the most convenient option which most people choose).

How do we make the payment?

We will make the LHA payment directly to the claimant or landlord’s bank / building society account.

When would we only pay direct to the landlord?

If we find a claimant is six weeks, or more, in arrears we will pay LHA directly to their landlord.
We would also pay LHA directly to a claimant’s landlord if we have evidence that:
  • the tenant would be unlikely to pay their rent; or
  • the tenant is 'vulnerable'; and
  • in either case it would be in the tenant's interests.