Looking back over 40 years

Updated: November 16 2018
Castle Street in Armagh was just one of our regeneration projects
Castle Street, Armagh City
2011 marks our 40th anniversary and we have brought out a book which looks back though our photographic archive over the last 40 years.
Since its formation in 1971 the Housing Executive has built many houses, sold tens of thousands of homes to tenants, carried out countless repairs and improvements to its stock, provided thousands of improvement grants for private households and demolished unfit dwellings.
While one of our constant challenges has been working against the backdrop of community division, the organisation has worked through recessions and the recent rapid growth in the housing market and its sudden collapse in 2008.
"More than bricks" tells the story of how the Housing Executive improved the lives of many people in Northern Ireland, through some of our darkest days.
It shows the positive impact that investment in housing has had. Throughout the years we have had tremendous support from our Ministers and colleagues in our sponsoring/parent government departments, now the Department for Social Development.
Our work with others, those in the housing association movement, the Housing Council, local government and other government departments, tenant and community groups, public representatives, political parties and others in the voluntary sector has been very important in tackling housing issues and developing stronger communities.

A selection of images from the book: