Letting your property

Updated: 19 Aug 2018
We can give advice on how to let your empty property
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If you would like to find a tenant for a property you own which is currently empty you can either:
  • use a managing agent
  • become a landlord yourself

About managing agents

If you use a managing agent, they will charge a fee for finding and managing the tenancy on your behalf. Be sure you understand what service they will actually provide for you.
Remember, you are still the legal owner and landlords of the property and are ultimately responsible for the tenancy.

Becoming a landlord

If you decide to manage the tenancy yourself, please read our Advice for Landlords section, which gives information on some of the key issues.
If you let your property you will benefit from a rental income. You may be able to offset some of your expenses against you tax, meaning that you won't have to pay so much. You can find further information on this at www.hmrc.gov.uk