Getting help if English is not your first language

Updated: 16 Nov 2018
We help our customers with translation if English is not their first language. We also provide a sign language service for deaf people. You may need help in talking to us if you don’t speak English well, or you may need a letter or written documents, like bills, explained.
We can help with a variety of housing matters:
  • Finding a home
  • Homelessness
  • Help with your rent - Housing Benefit
  • Improvement Grants
Please select a language from the list below:

Translation service

We have access to qualified interpreters who can provide telephone interpretation. You can use this service when:
  • you call at one of our offices
  • you phone us.
  • we visit your home
The service is always free.

How to use the telephone translation service

If you need to use our translation service, simply tell us which language you require. We will call our translation service, who will provide an interpreter within five minutes. You will then be able to speak to us in a three-way telephone conference.

Sign language interpreting service

Confidential interpretation between sign language and spoken English is available by arrangement with any of our offices.


Please note that our documents are available, on request, in alternative formats including:
  • large font
  • audiocassette
  • Braille
  • computer disc
  • main minority ethnic languages