An introduction to self help repairs

Updated: 12 Nov 2018
Minor repairs up to £200 may be eligible for self help
Man painting windows
You don’t have to wait for us to carry out your repairs. You can do minor repairs yourself under the tenant self help scheme and we will meet the cost up to a maximum of £200.

What can I do?

The scheme covers most minor repairs - for example:
  • replacing defective doors
  • retiling a floor
  • fitting a new sink
Emergency or urgent work is not included in the scheme. You must use a qualified contractor for minor plumbing or electrical work.

Before you start

You must agree the work you are planning with the maintenance officer at your local district office before you start. The maintenance officer will tell you how much you will get paid for the work.
Just as everyone’s home is different, the type of repair and amount we can pay is different for each property. Some examples of work you can carry out yourself are:
  • replacing bathroom door and frame
  • fitting a new single drainer sink unit
  • renewing the front gate
  • repairs to the front fence (if the fence was provided originally by us)
  • renewing the front door
You must always get the go ahead from your district office before you start the work. We also reserve the right to inspect any work you carry out and to withhold payment until the work is completed to our satisfaction.
Find out more about how it works here.