Repair Grant

Updated: 19 Jan 2019
A repair grant is available to landlords, agents and tenants
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This grant is available when the Environmental Health Officer from the local district council has served a Statutory Notice on a house.

What is a Statutory Notice?

There are two types of notice:

Public Health Notice

This notice can be served on the landlord, agent and certain tenants. Usually the council will only allow a short time to have the repair work carried out. Because of this, you can do the work listed on the notice and then apply to us for the grant. We may inspect the work when it is completed.

Notice of Disrepair

A Notice of Disrepair is served on the landlord (owner).  Repairs grant aid is only considered for properties which are subject to a protected or statutory tenancy under the Rent Order (NI) 1978.
The relevant works can be carried out to comply with the requirements of the statutory notice, and grant aid will be processed retrospectively.

Who can apply for a Repair Grant?

Landlords, agents and some private tenants.

What types of repairs are covered by the grant?

A Repair Grant is for the repair or replacement of existing items. It is not normally for adding something new.

How much grant is available?

Repair grants are not means tested. The maximum grant payable is £7,500 over a three year period. For further information concerning the percentage of Repair Grant you may expect to receive, please contact your local grants office.

How is the grant paid?

You will be paid when the work is completed and you have sent us all the accounts, receipts and certificates. Contact your local grants office for further details.