Buying your Housing Executive home

Updated: 23 Feb 2018
We have produced a guide to buying your Housing Executive home
You can buy your Housing Executive home if you have at least five years tenancy, either with the Housing Executive or a qualifying landlord. Some tenants who have not had a tenancy for the full five years may still be able to buy their home - for example, if your partner or parent was previously the tenant.
Full details on the rules about buying your Housing Executive home are in our guide to house sales & equity sharing.
You can get an application form and advice booklet from your local district office or Land & Property Department, or download it here:
This section outlines how to go about buying your home or some of the equity.

Service charges on flats

If you buy a flat or maisonette from the Housing Executive you will have to pay a service charge to cover the services which we provide, including:
  • repairs
  • cleaning of communal areas
  • maintenance of communal gardens
  • buildings insurance
  • Ground rent of £10 per annum for all flat sales
Please note that you may be liable for the cost of works carry out in any planned maintenance/improvement scheme in which your home is included.
The service charge for multi storey flats or flats with communal access may also include costs for:
  • communal lighting and repairs.
  • caretaker / concierge services
  • maintenance of lifts
Service charges are usually paid annually, but can also be paid monthly, quarterly or half-yearly.
In addition where planned maintenance and improvement works are carried out, the leaseholder will have to make a contribution to the cost of the work, on top of their existing service charge.
Further information regarding this or any other aspect of service charges is available from our Leasehold Unit in Belfast, which can be contacted on telephone 03448  920900.

Building Insurance

Below are summaries of the insurance policies which provide guidance and assistance on making a claim for damage to the structure of the dwelling.