Home Contents Insurance

Updated: 14 Aug 2018
Did you know you’re responsible for insuring your home’s contents?
If you rent your home from us we, as your landlord, are responsible for the bricks and mortar of your home.
But as a tenant your contents are your responsibility.
So if any of your furniture, belongings or decorations is stolen, damaged as a result of fire or vandalism or perhaps a weather related incident (eg burst pipes) then your contents insurance must be used to claim.
For more information on purchasing home contents insurance contact
  • Supporting Communities on 028 2564 5676
  • your local Housing Executive office on 03448 920 900
  • speak to an insurance broker in your area or
  • search comparison websites online
Make sure you get several quotes before deciding which company to use and ask if they would be happy to arrange for you to pay weekly or monthly so you can spread the cost.