Avoiding debt

Updated: 22 Feb 2019
We want to help you to make your money work for you

Making your Money Work

Find practical advice below to help you:
  1. Get help if you need it;
  2. Track and plan your spending;
  3. Improve your finances; and
  4. Avoid debt.
Don’t forget, it is important to pay your rent. If you don’t, you may risk losing your home.

Steps to take

Behind on the rent?
  1. Admit you’re behind (in arrears) – you’re often not alone
  2. Speak to your landlord.  
    1. If you’re our tenant…talk to us: we may be able to help with money and debt advice and make your money work harder for you!  
    2. Contact your Patch Manager / Housing Officer / Accounts Officer on T: 03448 920 900 (NGT* 18001 03448 920 900)
  3. Get free impartial help and advice
  4. Set a budget; and
  5. Make the Call’ | 0800 232 1271 to see if you are missing out
  1. Download, print and fill-out this handy family budget planner (Adobe PDF 131 KB)
    Look at how much money you have coming in each week
  2. Look at how much you spend each week
  3. Decide how much you can really afford to spend and set a budget
Pay important debts first

Our Money Advice partner - Citizens Advice

Providing free, impartial and confidential advice:

And Finally

  • Download our ‘Making your money work - a practical guide (Adobe PDF 471 KB)
  • Set your budget and keep to it!
  • Avoid taking out extra credit – it will only increase your weekly spend
  • Remember, credit and store cards can be the most expensive form of borrowing
  • If you need to borrow, speak to your local credit union about what they can do for you
  • If you do get into difficulties, don’t ignore the problem, get advice.
  • NIDirect  has some useful tips on managing your money.
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