Avoiding debt

Updated: 24 Jun 2018
The Money Worries booklet offers advice on how to manage your money
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We are all spending more money, and many of us spend more than we can afford. This information should help you plan your spending, and help you avoid getting into debt.
It is important to keep paying your rent regularly, if you don’t, you may risk losing your home.
Members of our staff in our local Accounts Offices (Call 03448 920 900) can provide initial confidential help and advice to anyone who is having difficulty paying their rent. However, it is important to contact us at the earliest possible stage so that an affordable agreement can be made to repay the arrears. The earlier we are contacted the easier it is to tackle the problems. Situations arise where the Housing Executive is required to take legal action to recover rent arrears. Ultimately this could result in you being evicted from your home if you ignore us or have failed to keep an agreement to repay your debt.

Citizens Advice debt advice

Citizens Advice Free debt advice is available:
  • by Freephone (free to mobiles and landlines) on 0800 028 1881 (Monday - Friday 8.00am to 8.00pm, Saturday 9.30am - 1.00pm)
  • by contacting any of the 29 frontline Citizens Advice offices across Northern Ireland
  • email at debt.advice@citizensadvice.co.uk


Citizens Advice Northern Ireland also offer a webchat service from 8am to 6pm Monday to Friday - if outside these hours leave a message and they will get straight back to you on the following working day.
To speak directly to a specialist debt adviser at Citizens Advice in Northern Ireland click on the link below.

Steps to take


  • Keep to your budget!
  • Taking out extra credit will increase your weekly spending
  • Credit and store cards can be the most expensive form of borrowing
  • If you need to borrow, use the lender with the lowest interest rate.
If you do get into difficulties, get advice as soon as possible.
The NIDirectOpens link in a new browser window website has some useful tips on managing your money.