How the scheme works

Updated: 20 Oct 2018
We will tell you how much we'll pay before the work starts
Making a complaint
Here’s what to do if you would like to tackle the job yourself:
  • Check your tenancy agreement. This will indicate if the repair would normally be our responsibility. If it is, contact your local office and tell them the exact nature and extent of the repairs needed and that you would like to carry them out under the self help repairs scheme.
  • For repairs costing under £200 in total we will tell you how much we are prepared to pay. If the repairs cost over £200 you can still carry them out, provided you pay the difference between the £200 limit and the full cost of the repair.
  • When you apply to use self help a maintenance officer will visit your home and inspect the item that needs repaired. If the work can be carried out under the self help scheme the maintenance officer will complete a works order giving details of the repair and the value of the work.
  • When the repairs have been completed you must send the relevant copy of the works order to your local office. When we receive this a maintenance officer will call out to inspect the finished work. If the work has been completed satisfactorily the maintenance officer will agree the amount to be paid.
  • If you use a contractor you should only pay him once you are satisfied that the work has been completed satisfactorily. Send the relevant copy of the works order to your district office to claim your money.
  • If, after your start work, you discover that additional work is needed you must stop work and contact your local office immediately. The local office will either authorise you to carry out the additional work or arrange for the work to be carried out by someone else.


Normally you pay for the work and then claim the agreed amount from us. If it is difficult for you to pay the amount agreed you can use our mandated payment scheme.
We may inspect the work and withhold payment until the work is completed to our satisfaction. When work is completed satisfactorily we will send you a cheque for the agreed amount. If you are in arrears the money may be credited to your account instead.
If you use a contractor it is your responsibility to make sure that the work is carried out satisfactorily before you pay him.