Housing Market Review

Updated: 20 Nov 2018
The review offers an insight into the local housing market
Private sector housing in Antrim
As the strategic housing authority we want to make sure that there is as much choice as possible in the housing market.
Each year our housing market report brings together the most recent market intelligence, drawing on our latest statistics as well as those of other government departments and the private sector. Summaries of the key findings of our housing research are also included.
The review provides an insight into the housing market in Northern Ireland, and sets out our response to trends within the market.

Housing Market Review & Perspectives - 2015-2018

The review synthesizes the most recent market intelligence, drawing on the latest statistics compiled by the Housing Executive, Government departments and the private sector. Summaries of the key findings of housing research undertaken or commissioned are also included. It provides a starting point for our Corporate Plan, thereby helping to guide the organisation’s intervention in the housing market and providing an important means of monitoring the strategic impact of this intervention.
Chapter 1 provides the strategic context for Northern Ireland’s housing market. It examines the key drivers of the housing market: the underlying influence of developments in the world economy, and particularly in the Eurozone and more specifically the economies of the UK and Ireland, before turning specifically to Northern Ireland’s economy. It summarises the most recent socio-demographic data, often seen as having the most direct impact on developments in the housing market, before examining more direct indicators of housing need
Chapters 2 – 4 analyse developments in each of the three main housing tenures: owner occupation, the private rented sector and social housing. The most recent statistics and trends are examined as a basis for estimating how each of the tenures will develop in the coming three year period, in the context of the strategic factors set out in Chapter 1. Each chapter ends by highlighting the key issues emerging from the analysis and the strategic perspective.
Finally, the short conclusion summarises the key trends and factors which will help determine Northern Ireland’s housing market over the coming three years and highlights the housing priorities which emerge from the document as a whole.

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