The objectives of the Homelessness Strategy

Updated: 17 Nov 2018
Supporting People Programme crisis accommodation
The Homelessness Strategy 2017-22 has five strategic objectives that we aim to achieve over the course of this Strategy. These include:
  1. To prioritise homelessness prevention.
  2. To secure sustainable accommodation and appropriate support solutions for homeless households.
  3. To further understand and address the complexities of chronic homelessness across Northern Ireland.
  4. To ensure the right mechanisms are in place to oversee and deliver this strategy.
  5. To measure and monitor existing and emerging need to inform the ongoing development of appropriate services.
The vision of the Strategy is ‘Ending Homelessness Together’ and to achieve the five objectives this Strategy aims to ensure a cross departmental and inter agency approach to ending homelessness.
This Strategy has adopted an outcomes based approach and in line with outcomes based accountability the Strategy has three outcomes that will aim to make an impact upon the lives of those who may be affected by homelessness. These outcomes are:
  • We have support that prevents us from becoming homeless;
  • We live in suitable homes;
  • We have the support we require to access and/or sustain a home.
Further information in the aims, objectives, vision and outcomes can be found in the Strategy document (Adobe PDF 611 KB) which is lined at the top of this page.