Updated: 20 Nov 2018
This section contains homelessness related research and helps inform the Housing Executive's strategic and operational policy

Northern Ireland Homelessness Strategy Report: an evaluation

This evaluation focuses on the first four and a half years of the implementation of the five-year Homelessness Strategy for Northern Ireland, 2012-2017. The first chapter provides an overview of the Strategy, the Reprioritisation of the Strategy in 2014, and describes the evaluation. The second chapter looks at the prevention of homelessness over the period 2012-2016. The third chapter explores access to affordable housing and the fourth chapter looks specifically at rough sleeping.  The fifth chapter is concerned with the provision of services to vulnerable homeless households and individuals. Chapter six discusses the Strategy in the international context, drawing comparisons with Scotland, Wales, England and experience and practice from other countries. The report concludes with a discussion of progress and recommendations.

Measuring Homelessness and Housing Exclusion in Northern Ireland: A test of the ETHOS typology

This research aimed to explore how effective the European Typology of Housing Exclusion and Homelessness (ETHOS) would be, both as a measure of homelessness and housing exclusion for Northern Ireland itself, and as a means of contrasting homelessness policy outcomes in Northern Ireland with those in comparable countries or regions.

Homeless satisfaction survey