Houses in Multiple Occupation - Notes Accompanying the Registration Application Form

Updated: 16 Nov 2018
The address of the person having control of the house, owner(s), and the person managing the house provided on the application form, must be either that persons home or principal place of work; or if a limited company, the registered address of that company.
When determining the number of persons for which a HMO can be registered, regard shall be had for the number and floor area of the rooms of the dwelling available as sleeping accommodation. Furthermore, The Housing (NI) Order 1992, Article 80 specifies requirements for HMOs in relation to fitness for the number of occupants, namely:
  1. there are satisfactory facilities for the storage, preparation and cooking of food, including an adequate number of sinks with a satisfactory supply of hot and cold water;
  2. it has an adequate number of suitably located water closets for the exclusive use of the occupants;
  3. it has, for the exclusive use of the occupants, an adequate number of suitably located fixed baths;
  4. subject to Article 82 of the Housing (NI) Order 1992, there are adequate means of escape from fire; and
  5. there are adequate other fire precautions.
    For further guidance see Houses in Multiple Occupation Standards September 2002 and, Houses in Multiple Occupation
    Fire Safety Guide June 2002. Both booklets are available from the HMO Unit or on-line at
Registration under the scheme shall be for a period of 5 years from the date of first registration. Registration shall be renewed, subject to the conditions specified in the scheme, for further periods of 5 years at a time.
Occupants Fee
3 occupants £375
4 occupants £500
5 occupants £625
6 occupants £750
7 occupants £875
8 occupants £1,000
9 occupants £1,125
10 occupants £1,250
The fee will be capped at the equivalent of 10 residents for each registered HMO.
Unspent convictions are defined in accordance with the Rehabilitation of Offenders (NI) Order 1978
Anserve (08000 213 155) is a 24 hour 7 day call-answering service which has been specifically tailored for calls received in connection to your HMO property.
When Anserve is contacted by a member of the public, the receptionist screens the call, takes the message and passes the message on to you or your nominated manager. By introducing this service, your details are therefore held confidentially