The objectives of the Grants Strategy

Updated: 17 Nov 2018
Over 25% of our budget goes on adaptations for disability
Disabled adaptation railings
The 2004 House Condition Survey has indicated a drop in unfit housing from 4.9% of Northern Ireland homes in 2001 to 3.8% in 2004. However the rate of disrepair has remained roughly the same.

Demographic changes

Demographic trends indicate an aging population, with increasing levels of houses occupied by sick and disabled people.  The demand for adaptations through the Disabled Facilities Grant will increase.  We currently spend over 25% of the grants budget on adaptations.

New housing standards

In the UK the Government has introduced the Decent Home Standard and plans to increase the percentage of private housing which meet this standard being occupied by vulnerable groups.  The Government has also introduced the Housing Health and Safety Rating System in England and Wales to replace the current fitness standard.
There is currently no target set in Northern Ireland for Decent Homes in the private sector.  Of all the homes which fail the Decent Homes Standard, 78% are in the private sector and, of these, 20% are occupied by vulnerable people.