How we assess your application

Updated: 12 Nov 2018
You will be awarded points depending on your circumstances
Family together under a roof
When you apply for housing you will be assessed and, if you are eligible, you may be awarded points according to your housing need. Your position on the waiting list is based on the points you get. You can get points under four categories. These are:
  • Intimidation - points may be awarded if you are at serious and imminent risk, and require immediate rehousing
  • Download our leaflet on the Housing Executive’s Emergency Grant payment. (Adobe PDF 260 KB)
  • Insecurity of tenure - if you are homeless or threatened with homelessness. The level of points depends on your particular circumstances
  • Housing conditions - points for poor housing circumstances both in terms of physical conditions and the degree of sharing/overcrowding being experienced
  • Health and social wellbeing assessment - points for a range of health and social well-being circumstances. These include issues in relation to mobility in your existing home as well as any social, support and care needs you may have
Points awarded under any of these categories will decide your total points level and your position on the waiting list. You will be informed of your points total in writing. You can see a detailed breakdown of how the points are awarded in our points schedule.