Advice for installers

Updated: 23 May 2018
You can download an information pack to help you
A plumber fixing a boiler
This page provides advice for installers who are carrying out work through the Boiler Replacement Scheme. We have produced a Boiler Installer Pack which will give you information on how the scheme will be administered as well as samples of some of the forms we are using.  The forms available in this pack are for information only at this stage. As the scheme develops further we will make forms available to download directly from this site.
You can now download the:
You can also register to be included on our list of installers by sending the information below to
Trading Name
Contact Telephone Number
Email address
Gas Safe Registration Number (mandatory for gas installation works)
OFTEC Registration Number (where available)
Please note this will NOT be an ‘Approved’ list of installers.  It will simply be a list of people who say they are willing to carry out boiler installations.
There has been a high level of interest in the scheme to date with over 15,000 expressions of interest which we are working through in date order. As you will appreciate it will inevitably take some time to process all of these requests.