Accreditation - information for providers

Updated: 18 Nov 2018
The accreditation process makes sure that quality is maintained
Interview with a tenant
The accreditation process makes sure that all organisations which provide Supporting People services have the capability, structure and capacity to continue to deliver quality services for the duration of a funding agreement.
The principles of the accreditation framework are applied to all organisations which provide, or want to provide, Supporting People services, however, the following statutory bodies have been pre-approved as accredited providers:
  • Health and Social Care Trusts/Boards
  • Housing Associations
  • Northern Ireland Housing Executive
This is because there are already regulatory frameworks and inspection regimes in place to make sure that these ‘statutory bodies’ are properly managed, accountable and able to deliver services consistently.
‘Accreditation Lite’ is a special accreditation process which has been designed for small providers, sole traders and specialist organisations, and which reflects the way they are structured and operate.  
We will contact each organisation when an accreditation return is due. We have developed a guidance document to help you to complete and submit accreditation returns.
If you would like further information on accreditation please contact the Supporting People team.